• The designer, the machine, the operator, the thread, the state of the art stitching software and the item being sewn are all variables in the embroidery process.
  • Business World has factory trained designers and operators and does all embroidery and design in-house.
  • Quality extras include all embroidery being done with the bleach proof thread, and all items being hand inspected.
  • We have thousands of design templates, we can digitize your logo, or use your imagination and come up with new design.
  • No minimum order on embroidery work.
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  • Your best result comes from the highest quality artwork.   CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE GUIDELINES.

Our experienced and skilled in house embroidery department is equipped to handle all of your custom embroidery needs.

  • monogram embroidery on dress shirts

  • embroidered initials on household linen

  • embroidery for event apparel

  • logo embroidery for workwear

  • badges with monogram or logo

  • logo embroidery for school uniforms

Wedding Gifts with monogram
Embroidery will make a great gift even better by making it custom and personal.



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Samples of our Custom Embroidery Work